Patras World Poetry Festival

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DECEMBER 10th - 13th  2020 

We would like to inform you that due to the implementation of a new lockdown in our country and the increase in the number of coronavirus cases, the organizing and scientific committee of the “Jean Moréas International Awards” and the Patras International Poetry Festival postpones the date of the event on December, 10-13 of 2020.

Digital Event

The Patras World Poetry Festival 2020 this year is entitled "National Poets" and plans to host 60 poets from 15 different countries around the world.

This year the festival  be held online and virtually, as far as COVID-19 impact affects significantly the implementation of this event.

In the four-day online event there will be 6 meetings lasting up to 3 hours, where the guest poets will be presented with readings in 2 languages, via live connection. The events will be attended by invited representatives of institutions and the jury, while the program will include speeches, presentations, tributes, music, etc.

In addition, the following activities will take place within the schedule of the Festival events:

  • online Award of the annual Greek Poetry Awards "Jean Moréas" (Saturday December 12th)
  • Art Exhibition "National Poets" with the participation of 20 Greek artists and 10 artists from different countries (live and digital tour)
  • Collectible trilingual edition of the poems of the participants, in the first language of each artist, in Greek and English

The 3rd Patras World Poetry Festival 2020 is organized by the Poetry Fountation “Grafeion Poiiseos”, the literary website Culture Book ( and the multicultural center Epikentro Plus History & Arts, while every year it is under the auspices of the Ministries of Culture and the Ministry of Tourism*. Supporters of the event are the Greek Library of London, the Cultural Center “Kostis Palamas”, the University of Western Macedonia, the Hellenic Open University and many other important institutions, as claimed under the Aegis of the President of the Hellenic Republic.

Awarding of Poetry Awards "Jean Moréas" for the year 2019

This annual event will be held digitally at one session of the PWPF Poetry Event 2020, with a presentation of the award-winning poets and recitations by them. This is the annual event during which the "Jean Moréas" Prizes are awarded for Greek poetic art and Greek poetic production in its entire range. They are recognizable nationwide and concern the poetry collections that were published throughout the previous calendar year from the year of the award. They refer both to young poets and newcomers and to those who are recognized with their poetic work along time.

The event is highly appreciated by the Greek literary and artistic circle of readers. In this year's event, in addition to the institutionalized awards, a very important foreign poet will be honored, who with his/her lifelong work honors the literature outside Greece.The Award Committee is composed of Greek University professors, as well as very important poets and poetry critics who will evaluate the work of the honorees.


On behalf of the organizing committee.

Kotopoulos H. Triantafyllos, President of the “Patras World Poetry Festival”

Skiathas D. Antonis, President of the Poetry Fountation “Grafeion Poiiseos”

Alaniadi Maria, Event Manager of the “Patras World Poetry Festival”

Kostas Lantavos, Greece

Kostas Lantavos, Greece

Kostas Lantavos, Greece


The Poems


How to measure time?
And how present is the present time
when it passes through a moment and is getting lost in absence?

What language does time speak to us?
to be perceived
as a frieze presence?

Is time perpetual,
perhaps is the persistence of the past
to survive indefinitely, devouring the future?

Really, how to measure time?
With the arrival of the swallows
or with the departure of the storks?

Really, with which language does time discourses?
With the nightingale's honeylike song
or with the cricket's grievance?

Is time the purl of water,
perhaps the persistent ataraxia of the mountain
which imposes icy peace?

Again, it's better not to think: but
just sit and listen
the rustle of time.



Πώς να μετριέται ο χρόνος;
Και πόσο παρών είναι ο χρόνος ο παρών
όταν περνάει σε μια στιγμή και χάνεται στην απουσία;

Σε ποια γλώσσα μάς ομιλεί ο χρόνος
ώστε να γίνεται αντιληπτός
ως ζωοφόρος παρουσία;

Μήπως ο χρόνος είναι η αέναη διάρκεια,
μήπως η επιμονή του παρελθόντος
να επιζεί επ' αόριστον, κατατρώγοντας το μέλλον;

Αλήθεια, πώς να μετριέται ο χρόνος;
Με των χελιδονιών την άφιξη
ή με την φυγή των πελαργών;

Αλήθεια, με ποια γλώσσα συνδιαλέγεται ο χρόνος;
Με τ' αηδονιού το μέλισμα
ή με το παράπονο του γρύλου;

Μήπως ο χρόνος είναι το κελάρυσμα του νερού,
μήπως η επίμονη αταραξία του βουνού
που επιβάλλει την παγερή γαλήνη;

Μα πάλι, ας μην σκέφτομαι: είναι καλύτερο
να κάθεσαι ν' ακούς μόνο
το θρόϊσμα του χρόνου.

* * * 


Lord, you are in futility with us. There is no
crisis that will put in order our fragrant
carelessness. No rule that will disorder
the blithesome Etesian wind of our souls.
We will never grow into anything else
than kids who dream to grow up.
Ever idle and dreaming
will hang our lives
from the fringes of the sun,
will be deposited on the calm seashores
of our olive-growing land
and the will not come for us,
rather than to prepare our
death in the Greek garden of the moonless
love and fiery pleasure.



Κύριε, ματαιοπονείς μαζί μας. Καμμία
κρίση δεν θα βάλει σε τάξη την μυρωμένη
ανεμελιά μας. Κανένας κανόνας
δεν θα διαταράξει την αμεριμνησία
των μελτεμιών της ψυχής μας.
Ποτέ δεν θα γίνουμε κάτι περισσότερο
από παιδιά που ονειρεύονται να μεγαλώσουν.
Αείποτε ράθυμοι και ρεμβόμενοι
θα κρεμάσουμε την ζωή μας
απ' τα κρόσσια του ήλιου,
θα την αποθέσουμε στα ήμερα ακρογιάλια
της ελαιόκαρπης γης μας
και ο χειμώνας δεν θάρθει για μας,
παρά για να προετοιμάσει τον δικό μας
θάνατο στον ελληνικό κήπο του ασέληνου
έρωτος και της πυρίμορφης ηδονής.

The Poet

He was born in the city of Larissa (Thessaly). He studied Medicine at the University of Athens. He was appointed President of the Thessalian Theatre and Deputy Mayor of Culture. He has published 14 poetry collections and a novel. He has translated in Greek works of William Blake, Ezra Pound, Fernando Pessoa, Emily Dickinson, D.H. Lawrence, Paul Valery and Gérard de Nerval. He has translated from ancient Greek: Euripides (Trojan Women), Sophocles (Philoctetes, Oedipus Tyrannus), Euripides (The Bacchantes) and Aeschylus (The Persians), which was staged in 2008 by the Thessalian Theater. He has written various book reviews. He founded and directed the literary magazine Scripture from 1989 until 2004.


Γεννήθηκε στη Λάρισα. Σπούδασε Ιατρική στο Πανεπιστήμιο Αθηνών. Διετέλεσε Πρόεδρος του Θεσσαλικού Θεάτρου και Αντιδήμαρχος Πολιτισμού. Έχει εκδώσει 14 ποιητικές συλλογές και μία νουβέλα. Μετέφρασε Ουϊλλιαμ Μπλέηκ, Έζρα Πάουντ, Φερνάντο Πεσσόα, Έμιλυ Ντίκινσον, ΝΤ. Χ. Λώρενς, Πώλ Βαλερύ και Ζεράρ ντε Νερβάλ. Μετέφρασε από τα αρχαία ελληνικά: Ευριπίδη (Τρωάδες), Σοφοκλή (Φιλοκτήτης, Οιδίπους Τύραννος) , Αισχύλο (Πέρσες, που παραστάθηκε το 2008 από το Θεσσαλικό Θέατρο, και Ευριπίδη (Βάκχες). Υπό έκδοση είναι ο Άμλετ του Σαίξπηρ. Ασχολήθηκε κατά καιρούς με την κριτική βιβλίου. Ίδρυσε και διηύθυνε το λογοτεχνικό περιοδικό Γραφή από το 1989 μέχρι το 2004.

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