Patras World Poetry Festival 2022

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4th “Patras World Poetry Festival 2021

13th - 19th of December


This year, the 4th “Patras World Poetry Festival” boasts a variety of original literary events taking place between the 13th and 19th of December 2021, hosting a total of 70 poets from 20 different countries.

The occasion of a calendar year combining on one hand the memory of the Greek people’s fight for freedom, and on the other hand the contemporary experience of confinement, led us to this year’s thematic center: “CONFINEMENT-FREEDOM-HUMAN REVOLUTIONS”. We bring novel aims and ideas, along with a greater and more essential need for expression, synergy and communication.

For 2021, the festival’s programme will be extended from 4 days to 7, hosting a multitude of events for audiences and participants both Greek and foreign, raising the bar and aiming to establish a tradition of cultural celebration.

This year too, for its most part, the Festival will be held online, a blended programme combining physical and online activities as adjusted to Covid-19 regulations, in a shifting terrain of cultural events during the pandemic.

The events of the week’s programme will take place in three (3) different places in Patras, each one of them a space for hosting cultural events. The events will be broadcasted ONLINE on the website including both main and side events:

Main Events:

  • 15th-18th December 2021

Five (5) Online Poetry Meetings including Readings and Roundtables: There will be lecterns where the guest poets will be presented; their works will be read (in 2 languages). The guest poets will also participate in the roundtables and discuss topics revolving around poetry and criticism.

  • 18th December 2021

Online Award Ceremony for the Greek “Jean Moréas” Poetry Award for 2021: The annual ceremony for the “Jean Moréas” Awards for Greek poetic art and production in its entire spectrum.

  • 16th December 2021

Newcomer Poet Marathon: A night of presentations and readings of new poets, combining physical and online presence.

Parallel Events: (11th -19th of December 2021)

  • Festival Anthology: Limited trilingual book edition plus eBook.
  • Online shows:
  • #meet_the_poets: tributes and interviews online at the channel.
  • #videopoetry: presentation of video-poetry online.
  • Poetry Set to Singing: music radio tributes to poetry set to singing.
  • Exhibitions:
  • Poetry exhibition: presenting the works of poetry
  • Book exhibition of Newcomer Poets: presenting poetry collection books from new poets; participation from established poets and publishing houses.
  • Poetry Alley: Presentation of poets and poems (the ones participating in the festival) on a central pedestrian precinct of Patras.

During both the physical and the online events, there will be participation from internationally acclaimed academics, novelists, critics, and representatives of institutions.

The Patras World Poetry Festival 2021 is organized by the “Grafeion Poiiseos” Poetry Foundation, the literary website Culture Book (, while it is annually held under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Tourism*. The festival’s events are supported by the Greek Library of London, the University of Western Macedonia, the Hellenic Open University and many other esteemed institutions, since the festival takes place under the aegis of the Hellenic Republic’s President.

The Patras World Poetry Festival is one of the largest literary institutions in Greece, certainly the largest of its whole region, and it has already drawn attention amongst esteemed festivals internationally. Every year, the city of Patras hosts important figures of world literature and offers a richness of events, including poetry readings, seminars and cultural activities. The festival’s vision is to promote Greek literary expression worldwide and turn this capital of Western Greece into a European center for literary studies. Through its actions, the festival communicates with various departments of Greek literary studies all over the world and it chronicles contemporary poetic expression.

A detailed programme will soon be posted on the festival’s website


On behalf of the Scholarly Representatives

Kotopoulos H. Triantafyllos

Chair of the “Patras World Poetry Festival”

Skiathas D. Antonis

Chair of the “Grafeion Poiiseos” Poetry Fountation



Maria Alaniadi


Archival content available on 

Mihailo Sviderski, North Macedonia


Mihailo Sviderski, North Macedonia

The Poems


Around Syria I will place two sticks,
I'll wrap them tightly with a scarf
I'll bandage it like a wounded leg
to stop her bleeding
I'll collect all the ashes from the ruins
and throw them into the sea and let the sea suffocate
let the water be covered from Latakia to Tartus
let it die like the Dead sea died
when there was no one left to think of its water
I will get her up from the bed
I will teach her to walk again
to limp in the ways of the world
that crushed her praying for her,
and so on until she heals
I will bandage her again every day
from Damascus to Aleppo both in dreams and in live,
without any meetings, conferences
and resolutions in vain
I will lift her up in my arms
I will straighten her up
I will stop her bleeding
but I don't know how to stop her tears
which will continue to flow for a long, long time.




Γύρω απ'τη Συρία θα βάλω δυο ξυλάκια,
θα τα στερεώσω σφιχτά με ένα φουλάρι
σαν πληγωμένο πόδι θα τη δέσω
να σταματήσει η αιμορραγία της
θα μαζέψω όλη τη στάχτη από τα ερείπια
θα τη πετάξω στη θάλασσα και θα αφήσω τη θάλασσα να πνιγεί
ας θαφτεί το νερό από τη Λατάκια ως την Ταρτούς
ας πεθάνει όπως η νεκρή θάλασσα πέθανε
όταν δεν υπήρχε πια κανείς να σκεφτεί το νερό της
θα την ισιώσω από το κρεβάτι
θα της μάθω ξανά να περπατάει,
να κουτσαίνει στους δρόμους του κόσμου
που τη συνέτριψε προσευχόμενος γι' αυτήν,
κι έτσι ώσπου ν' αναρρώσει
κάθε μέρα θα τη φροντίζω εξαρχής
από τη Δαμασκό ως το Χαλέπι και στον ύπνο και στον ξύπνιο,
χωρίς περίσσιες συνεδρίες, συσκέψεις
και ψηφίσματα άδεια
θα τη σηκώσω στα χέρια
θα την ισιώσω
θα της σταματήσω την αιμορραγία
αλλά δεν ξέρω πως να της σταματήσω τα δάκρυα
που μακράν, μακράν θα ρέουν.




Околу Сирија ќе ставам две стапчиња,
ќе ги стегнам цврсто со марама
како ранета нога ќе ја преврзам
да ѝ запре крварењето
ќе ја соберам сета пепел од урнатините
ќе ја фрлам в море и нека се задуши морето
нека се затрупа водата од Латакија до Тартус
нека умре како мртвото море што умре
кога веќе немаше кој да мисли на неговата вода
ќе ја исправам од креветот
ќе ја научам повторно да оди
да куца по патиштата на светот
што ја здроби молејќи се за неа,
и сè така додека не заздрави
секој ден ќе ја преврзувам одново
од Дамаск до Алепо и во сонот и на јаве,
без никакви заседанија, конференции
и резолуции напразно
ќе ја кренам на раце
ќе ја исправам
ќе ѝ го запрам крварењето
ама не знам како да ѝ ги запрам солзите
што уште долго, долго ќе течат.


* * *


Yin and Yang, created by the same movement
they keep him invisible all the time
the balance of the world

The tribal gods help
the hungry in Africa
every day they postpone death until tomorrow
with extensive media coverage

Buddha awake sleeps and thinks how to
we escape the cycle of suffering
and we suffer every day, without ceasing
and there is no way to escape fear.

Vishnu sustains the world
Shiva destroys it by playing
we die rejoicing.

salla allahu alayhi wa sallam
from Algeria to Iran
the world burned out because of oil

Adonai, Elohinu, it's the Sabbath.
Cain kills his brother Abel every day
from Bethlehem to Jerusalem.

Erase the mark
of the Antichrist
from us



Γιν και Γιανγκ, δημιουργημένα με την ίδια κίνηση
κρατώντας συνεχώς αόρατα
την ισορροπία του κόσμου

Οι θεοί της φυλής βοηθούν
οι νηστικοί στην Αφρική
κάθε μέρα μεταθέτουν τον θάνατο για αύριο
με μεγάλη κάλυψη από τα μέσα ενημέρωσης

Ο Βούδας ξυπνητός κοιμάται και σκέφτεται πως να
ξεφύγουμε από τον κύκλο των παθών,
κι εμείς υποφέρουμε κάθε μέρα, χωρίς παύση
και δεν του ξεφεύγουμε του φόβου.

Ο Βισνού βαστάει τον κόσμο
ο Σίβα τον γκρεμίζει παίζοντας
εμείς πεθαίνουμε χαροποιούμενοι.

Σαλαλάχου αλάιχι ουά σαλάμ
από την Αλγερία ως το Ιράν
απ' το πετρέλαιο κάηκε ο κόσμος

Αντονάι, Ελοχίνου, Σάμπατ είναι.
Ο Κάιν σκοτώνει καθημερνά τον αδερφό του
Τον Άβελ, από τη Βηθλεέμ ως την Ιερουσαλήμ.

Τρίψε το σημάδι από μας
του Αντίχριστου



Јин и Јанг, создадени со исто движење
постојано невидливо го држат
балансот на светот

Племенските богови помагаат
гладните во Африка
секој ден ја одлагаат смртта за утре
со голема медиумска покриеност

Буда разбуден спие и размислува како да
избегаме од кругот на страдањата
а ние страдаме секој ден, без престан
и никако да му побегнеме на стравот.

Вишну го одржува светот
Шива го разурнува играјќи
ние умираме радувајќи се.

Села Алаху алејхи ве селам
од Алжир до Иран
поради нафтата изгоре светот

Адонај, Елохину, Сабат е.
Каин секој ден го убива брата си
Авела, од Витлеем до Ерусалим.

Истриј го од нас жигот
на Антихристот

The Poet

Mihailo Sviderski (Bitola, 1991) prose writer, poet, translator. He is the author of 5 poetry books.: For the novel White and Red (2014), he wins the THE NEW prize for the best debut non-fiction work. The novel White and Red was also published in the Bulgarian In 2019 he publishes the novel The Last Days of Hans, which has been nominated for the EU Prize for Literature (EUPL). His latest novel, The Sons of Adam, was published in 2022 by the Vostok publishing house. His poetry has been translated into English, Russian, Greek, Bulgarian, Serbian, Hungarian, Basque and Albanian. He actively translates poetry and prose from English, Bulgarian and Serbian.


Μιχάιλο Σβιντέρσκι (Μπίτολα, 1991) πεζογράφος, ποιητής, μεταφραστής. Είναι δημιουργός των ποιητικών συλλογών: Μέσα από το όνειρο ομίχλης και βροχών (2013), μεταφρασμένη και στα βουλγάρικα σε έκδοση «Νίμα» Πλέβεν (2013) και Άστρα που κοιμούνται (2017). Για το μυθιστόρημα Άσπρο και κόκκινο (2014), σε έκδοση Τέμπλουμ, κερδίζει το βραβείο ΟΙ ΚΑΙΝΟΥΡΙΟΙ καλύτερου προτοεμφανιζόμενου πεζού συγγραφικού έργου. Το μυθιστόρημα Άσπρο και κόκκινο επίσης εκδόθηκε στη βουλγάρικη γλώσσα, σε έκδοση του εκδοτικού οίκου «Ίζιντα» από τη Σόφια το 2016. Το 2019 εκδίδει το μυθιστόρημα Οι τελευταίες μέρες του Χανς σε έκδοση του Ίλι-Ίλι που έχει προταθεί για το βραβείο λογοτεχνίας της ΕΕ (EUPL). Το τελευταίο του μυθιστόρημα, Οι γιοι του Αδάμ, εκδόθηκε το 2022 από τον εκδοτικό οίκο Βοστόκ. Έχει λάβει μέρος σε περισσότερα φεστιβάλ και αναγνώσεις. Παρουσιάζεται σε λογοτεχνικά περιοδικά και ανθολόγια της χώρας του και του εξωτερικού. Η ποίησή του έχει μεταφραστεί στην αγγλική, ρωσική, ελληνική, βουλγάρικη, σερβική, ουγγρική, βασκική και αλβανική γλώσσα. Είναι μέλος της ΕΠΜ. Ενεργά μεταφράζει ποίηση και πεζογραφία από τα αγγλικά, βουλγάρικα και σερβικά.

Χλόη Κουτσουμπέλη - Το Παιχνίδι
Roman Kissiov, Bulgaria


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