Patras World Poetry Festival 2022

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5h “Patras World Poetry Festival”

“From Hippocrates to poetry therapy”




Along with many other important international participations and a rich event programme, this year, the 5th “Patras World Poetry Festival” is going to be held between the 1 and 4 of September, in different cultural locations of Patras and not only.

After two years of online realization of the Festival, Patras is again glad to receive in person 65 important poets from 13 different countries, 20 among them, being poets from abroad. This year’s programme has in store many surprises for the participants and for the audience, with visits and poetry recitations in particular places and in alternative ways.

The subject area of PWPF2022 concerns the healing properties of art and especially of poetry and it is entitled “From Hippocrates to poetry therapy”, so the complete action programme was planned with the purpose of creating a back – to - back interaction of arts, poetry and psychology.

The events are going to take place in the mornings and in the evenings in different locations of Patras every time, such as the Epikentro Theatre, the Foundation of Hellenic Diaspora, Achaia Clauss Winery  and the Villa of Kolla, while the last recitation is going to take place in Ancient Olympia through an all – day excursion of experiential character. The programme includes further guided tours, food and wine tasting and activities of cultural tourism, in order for the visitors to obtain the best possible experience from our land!

Ιmportant guests participate at the events, among them ambassadors of collaborating countries, internationally renowned academics, belletrists and representatives of entities.

Special moments of the Festival are the tribute to the poet Titos Patrikios, the Round Table with the subject “Healing through Poetry”, the visit at the “Foundation of Hellenic Diaspora” with its art exhibitions from important emigrant Greek artists and the set to music poetry event, entitled “Like a Shiver...”, which is going to take place at the Honorable Evening of the Festival.

All the events are open for the audience with FREE entrance.


At the same time. The Festival converses with visual arts and hosts two visual and one photographical project.

  • Art Platform | Lagrange Points

In passing of the collaboration of the contemporary art gallery “Cube Gallery” and Liana Zoza as a curator, with Patras World Poetry Festival, the art platform “Lagrange Points” was created.

The idea came up simultaneously with the proposition for the presentation of the two on going art projects “Open Studio” and “Invisible cities”, during the Festival and under the common title “L3 point”, at the same time with the desire for the continuation of the creative meetings of all forms of art.

Even if the term is a loan from the mechanics of celestial bodies, which discusses the rules of equilibrium and affinity of their relationship and coexistence, it also works with the same equilibrium at the coexistence of different art forms.


  • Peny Delta poet portraits

During the Festival, the photographer Peny Delta is going to create the portraits of the participant at the Festival poets and poetesses, which are going to be used at the archive of the Poetry Office and in the related publishing of the Festival.


The World Patras Poetry Festival is organized by the “Poetry Office” of Patras and the CultureBook (, with the support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Region of Western Greece, the Regional Union of Municipalities of Western Greece, the the University of Patras, the University of Western Macedonia, the Hellenic Open University, the Poetry Festival of Larnaka, the Embassy of Hungary, the Embassy of Czech Republic and the Athens Czech Center,  the Embassy of Poland, the Greek Library of London, the World Poetry Movement, the Epikentro Theatre, the Cube Gallery and other entities. It is under the evaluation of Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Tourism.


Patras World Poetry Festival forms one of the greatest literature institutions in Greece, the greatest of the Region, and has already stood out amongst the most estimable Festivals all over the world. Each year it receives important names of world literature and it offers an abundant programme of events, including poetry readings, presentations, meetings and cultural galas. Its vision is to promote the Greek literary creation globally and to popularize the capital of West Greece as a European literature center. Through its actions, it communicates with Chairs of Hellenic studies all over the world and it catalogues the recent poetry production.


*The organising of the Festival has a non-profitable character in every aspect and the participation of the people is costless.




“Like a Shiver...”


Like the way a note touches the word,

And oxygen life.

Music fights against verse, in a fight for love, man, society, existence, love, hate, passion and nature.



Yorgos Georgiadis, Mandolin (evikoon melos)

Sani Peta, Mandolin (evikoon melos)

Yannis Anagnostopoulos, Guitar

Thomas Pallas, Guitar

Andreas Zafiropoulos, Piano

Themis Martekas, Percussion



Hristos Konstantopoulos

Dora Mpeleri


Artistic curation

Yannis Anagnostopoulos




Yannis Anagnostopoulos

Yorgos Georgiadis







20.00 // Theatre Epikentro+

Welcome Drink

1st Cycle of Poetic Readings

Presentation L3 point: on going art projects “Open Studio” & amp “Invisible Cities”

Dinner for the participants



11.00 // Theatre Epikentro

2nd Cycle of Poetic Readings

Round Table on the subject “The Healing Properties of Poetry”

Free Programme – Knowing the City


19.00 // Winery Achaia Clauss

Guided tour at the Winecastle

3rd Cycle of Poetic Readings

Dinner for the participants



11.00 // Foundation Greek Diaspora, Kastritsi

Guided Tour at the Exhibition of Greek artists of Diaspora

4th Cycle of Poetic Readings

Lunch for the participants


20.00 // Villa Kolla

Formal Ceremony

Greetings – speeches

5th Cycle of Poetic Readings

Honorable Evening for Titos Patrikios

Concert with Poetry set to Music “Like a Shiver...”

Official Reception at Achaia Clauss



09.00-20.00 // Ancient Olympia

Excursion to Ancient Olympia

Guided Tour at the archaeological site

Visit of the Digital Museum 1821 – Krestena

15.00 // Lunch for the Participants

17.30 // 6th Cycle of Poetic Readings


The programme also includes:


- Tribute “meet the poets” from presentation of the participants and diffusion in social networks

- Anthology of the Festival. Offspring of the organization and a literature consignment constitutes the collective trilingual Edition (and e- book) with the poems of the participants, in each one’s language, in Greek and in English.

- Art Platform | Lagrange Points / simultaneously with the presentation of the participants at the the art platform Lagrange Points is created

- Peny Delta poet portaits / During the Festival, the photographer Peny Delta is going to create the portraits of the participant poets and poetesses, which are also going to be used at the relevant publication of the Festival





ALBANIA     Alma Braja

BULGARY    Roman Kissiov, Nadya Radulova

ITALY            Matthias Tarantino

CZECH REPUBLIC Josef Hrdlička, Jan Škrob, Tim Postovit

CROATIAN   Marija Dejanović

CYPRUS        Eleni Artemiou-Fotiadou

HUNGARY    Weiner Sennyei Tibor, Izsó Zita, Bek Timur

NORTH MACEDONIA  Michailo Svidersky, Andrej Al Asadi, Gjoko Zdraveski

POLAND        Anna Adamowicz, Antonina Tosiek

SERBIA          Ana Marija Grbić

SLOVENIA    Petra Kolmancic

USA                Don Schofield



Kyriaki-Koula Adaloglou, Giannis Alexandropoulos, Popi Aroniada, Anna Afentoulidou, Spyros L. Vrettos, Thanos Gogos, Yiannis Doukas, Lena Kallergi,, Dimitris Kalokiris , Kostas Kanavouris, Menelaos Karalis, Christos Katroutsos, Nikos Katsalidas, Giorgos Kozias,, Alexandros Kordas, Elsa Korneti, Dimitris Kosmopoulos, Giorgos Koutouvelas, Chloe Koutsoumpeli, Kostas A. Kremmydas, Triantafyllos H. Kotopoulos, Vasilis Ladas, Konstantinos Ch. Loukopoulos, Alexandra Bakonika, Theocharis Bikiropoulos, Konstantinos Bouras, Vasilis Pandis, Theofanis Papageorgiou, Sotirios Pastakas, Titos Patrikios, Aggeliki Pechlivani, Eleni Sigalou, Angeliki Sidira Papakosta, Antonis D. Skiathas, Yannis Stefanakis, Manos Stefanidis, Vangelis Tasiopoulos, John Tolias, Lina Fitili, Thanassis Hatzopoulos




Statement of Antonis Skiathas (President of the Poetry Office)

The Patras World Poetry Festival has created an international institution of literature that honors Greek letters, promotes Greek poetry and brings in contact Greek poets and poetesses with related poets and poetesses from all over the world.

Along its way, poets and poetesses from fifty countries have conversed at the Patras World Poetry Festival.

It is extremely important for all of us at the Poetry Office that the Festival is a matter of the whole town, as panhellenic, regional, local, institutions, businesses, citizens stand for the organising by every means.

The Ministry of Culture, the Region of Western Greece and the University of Patras are some of the institutions that support it.

The publishing that is been organized and the events at emblematic locations of the wider area like Achaia Clauss, the museum Diaspora, form the Festival’s identity.

At the same time, the synergism with cultural institutions and the connection of Poetry with other arts like music, visual arts, photography create all things that make the Festival unique.


Josef Hrdlička, Czech Republic


Josef Hrdlička, Czech Republic

The Poems


son solemnly draws a human
one finger after another – is that
a star in its hand? – yeah,
and here's a cave, he adds
as the little stick slides in deeper

your best poem yet
with a star for a hand
I enter a cave
on a human body
engraved in soil

Commentary: The poem originated sometime in 2016 when my younger son was almost five years old. While on the playground, he used a stick to draw a human figure with fingers of uneven size which resembled rays of starlight as they are drawn. Only a long time later did I start to realize that my son was drawing a plan of sorts that I should follow. People are in certain moments of life aware of sketched maps which are drawn under their steps. They follow some and draw over others. A lucky turn.



syn vážně kreslí člověka
jeden prst za druhým – to má
v ruce hvězdu? – jo,
a tady jeskyni, dodává
jak zajede dřívko hlouběji

zatím tvá nejlepší báseň
s hvězdou místo ruky
vcházím do jeskyně
po těle člověka
vyrytého do země

Komentář: Báseň vznikla někdy v roce 2016, kdy mému mladšímu synovi bylo skoro pět let. Na dětském hřišti vyrýval klacíkem lidskou postavu, která měla neúměrně velké prsty podobné paprskům hvězd, jak je kreslíme. Až dlouho potom mi začalo docházet, že syn tehdy rýsoval jakýsi plán, podle kterého bych se měl vydat. V jisté životní chvíli si člověk uvědomuje náčrty map, které se črtají pod jeho kroky. Některými se řídí, jiné zakresluje. Šťastný obrat.

* * * 


While I sleep,
let someone clean my bones 'till they're white
and arrange them by size
and begin to build them
into new shapes,
when they rub my eye socket I'll look
at it, when their palm lightly
knocks my skull, my ears will take in
all the beautiful sounds, and if they want
to play backgammon with my fingerbones,
they should cast them, so I can blissfully
fondle the surrounding world, but most of all
they are to take care of the vertebrae, their order
is set once and for all, I'd like to begin
with a tail in the earth's core and let a horn
reach through my head to the sky,
I'd like to be the world's axis, at least
for a moment in a blessed dream, and then, when I suddenly
wake only half-assembled,
I'll drag myself with great joy
into a new sleep

Commentary: In sleep humans return themselves to the Earth. Their bare bones are a great joy to them. All is displayed and clear and nothing is hidden. Events and objects are switched out like seasonal products in shopping windows.



Zatímco budu spát,
ať někdo vyčistí mé kosti doběla
a seřadí je podle velikosti
a začne z nich skládat
nové tvary,
když promne oční důlek podívám
se na to, když dlaní zlehka
klepne o leb, ušima pojmu
všechny krásné zvuky, a kdyby snad
prstními kostkami chtěl vrhcáb hrát,
nechť rozhodí je, abych mohl okolní svět
slastně ohmatat, ze všeho nejvíc ale
ať dbá na obratle, jejich pořadí
je jednou provždy dané, rád začínal bych
chvostem v jádru země a roh nechť
ční mně skrze hlavu do oblak,
chtěl bych být světskou osou, aspoň
chvíli v blaženém snu, a když pak náhle
procitnu jen zpola smontovaný,
s velikou chutí povleču se
do nového spánku

Komentář: Ve spánku se člověk navrací Zemi. Obnažené kosti jsou pro něj velkým štěstím. Vše je vyložené a jasné, nic se neskrývá. Události a věci se střídají jako sezónní výrobky za okny výloh.

(translated by Stephan Delbos and Jaromír Moravec) 

The Poet

Josef Hrdlička (born 1969) published three collections of poetry, The Fleet Sails Out of Darkness (2010), Cat in the Fire (2014) and Ancestors of Bones (2021, nominated for the Magnesia Litera Award), and a collection of essays and poems, Inside the World (2012). He teaches literature at Charles University in Prague, focusing on comparative literature and the theory and history of poetry. His scholarly books include Images of the World in Czech Literature (2008), Poetry and the Cosmos (2017), and Poetry in Exile (2020). With a wider team of co-authors, he has contributed to several volumes on poetry: Poems and Places (2015), Voices of Places (2016), Heroes in Poems (2017), Things in Poems (2020 Czech; 2022 English edition). He is currently working on a collective book on the poetry inf the state of exception. He lives with his wife and two sons in Sedlčany, not far from Prague.

Christos Katroutsos, Greece


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