Patras World Poetry Festival 2021

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4th “Patras World Poetry Festival 2021

13th - 19th of December


This year, the 4th “Patras World Poetry Festival” boasts a variety of original literary events taking place between the 13th and 19th of December 2021, hosting a total of 70 poets from 20 different countries.

The occasion of a calendar year combining on one hand the memory of the Greek people’s fight for freedom, and on the other hand the contemporary experience of confinement, led us to this year’s thematic center: “CONFINEMENT-FREEDOM-HUMAN REVOLUTIONS”. We bring novel aims and ideas, along with a greater and more essential need for expression, synergy and communication.

For 2021, the festival’s programme will be extended from 4 days to 7, hosting a multitude of events for audiences and participants both Greek and foreign, raising the bar and aiming to establish a tradition of cultural celebration.

This year too, for its most part, the Festival will be held online, a blended programme combining physical and online activities as adjusted to Covid-19 regulations, in a shifting terrain of cultural events during the pandemic.

The events of the week’s programme will take place in three (3) different places in Patras, each one of them a space for hosting cultural events. The events will be broadcasted ONLINE on the website including both main and side events:

Main Events:

  • 15th-18th December 2021

Five (5) Online Poetry Meetings including Readings and Roundtables: There will be lecterns where the guest poets will be presented; their works will be read (in 2 languages). The guest poets will also participate in the roundtables and discuss topics revolving around poetry and criticism.

  • 18th December 2021

Online Award Ceremony for the Greek “Jean Moréas” Poetry Award for 2021: The annual ceremony for the “Jean Moréas” Awards for Greek poetic art and production in its entire spectrum.

  • 16th December 2021

Newcomer Poet Marathon: A night of presentations and readings of new poets, combining physical and online presence.

Parallel Events: (11th -19th of December 2021)

  • Festival Anthology: Limited trilingual book edition plus eBook.
  • Online shows:
  • #meet_the_poets: tributes and interviews online at the channel.
  • #videopoetry: presentation of video-poetry online.
  • Poetry Set to Singing: music radio tributes to poetry set to singing.
  • Exhibitions:
  • Poetry exhibition: presenting the works of poetry
  • Book exhibition of Newcomer Poets: presenting poetry collection books from new poets; participation from established poets and publishing houses.
  • Poetry Alley: Presentation of poets and poems (the ones participating in the festival) on a central pedestrian precinct of Patras.

During both the physical and the online events, there will be participation from internationally acclaimed academics, novelists, critics, and representatives of institutions.

The Patras World Poetry Festival 2021 is organized by the “Grafeion Poiiseos” Poetry Foundation, the literary website Culture Book (, while it is annually held under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Tourism*. The festival’s events are supported by the Greek Library of London, the University of Western Macedonia, the Hellenic Open University and many other esteemed institutions, since the festival takes place under the aegis of the Hellenic Republic’s President.

The Patras World Poetry Festival is one of the largest literary institutions in Greece, certainly the largest of its whole region, and it has already drawn attention amongst esteemed festivals internationally. Every year, the city of Patras hosts important figures of world literature and offers a richness of events, including poetry readings, seminars and cultural activities. The festival’s vision is to promote Greek literary expression worldwide and turn this capital of Western Greece into a European center for literary studies. Through its actions, the festival communicates with various departments of Greek literary studies all over the world and it chronicles contemporary poetic expression.

A detailed programme will soon be posted on the festival’s website


On behalf of the Scholarly Representatives

Kotopoulos H. Triantafyllos

Chair of the “Patras World Poetry Festival”

Skiathas D. Antonis

Chair of the “Grafeion Poiiseos” Poetry Fountation



Maria Alaniadi


Archival content available on 

Giannis Stoupas, Greece

Giannis Stoupas, Greece

Giannis Stoupas, Greece

The dead

The Poems

the dead

One day you leave for the store
forgetting your keys back home
but such is life, you take off
you shop and then return.
you knock. you hear a weeping from within, lament.
your ringing stays unheard.
you surrender.
you spend forty days by the front door
sleeping on the mat. you knock again.
no one opens the door for you, they are probably absorbed.
you go up and down the lift waiting for the time to pass.
the plastic bags still in your hands.
years pass. one day
you step out, again, on the sixth floor.
you knock again with your hands laden
and again nobody opens.
probably no one will ever open.
you know it but where else could you go?
you enter the lift and again you begin going up and down.
everything would have been different
if back then you had remembered to take the key with you.
where could you have placed it?
And as you continue going up and down you finally remember
that no one had ever given you a key.
you let the plastic bags fall from your hands.
you 're innocent.
you step out again on the sixth floor. you do not knock.
you just enter your house. you 're hungry.
The dinner table is set
the dead has left the living room
and everybody smilingly waits for you.
you take your plate and enter.
you dine all alone
mourning, for the wasted time, in silence.
you have always dined like a stranger.

(transl. Nickolas Stathakis)


ο νεκρός

Φεύγεις μια μέρα για το σούπερ μάρκετ
κι έχεις ξεχάσει σπίτι το κλειδί
μα τι να γίνει ξεκινάς
κάνεις τα ψώνια κι επιστρέφεις.
χτυπάς. ακούς κλάματα μέσα, θρήνο.
το ντριν σου δεν ακούγεται.
περνάς σαράντα μέρες στην εξώπορτα
κοιμάσαι στο πατάκι. ξαναχτυπάς.
όλοι απορροφημένοι μάλλον, δε σ' ανοίγουν.
ανεβοκατεβαίνεις με το ασανσέρ για να περάσει η ώρα.
στα χέρια σου έχεις πάντα τις σακούλες.
περνάνε χρόνια. κάποτε
βγαίνεις ξανά στον έκτο.
χτυπάς ξανά με χέρια φορτωμένα.
δε σου ανοίγουν πάλι.
μάλλον ποτέ δε θα σ' ανοίξουν.
το αισθάνεσαι μα πού να πας;
μπαίνεις στο ασανσέρ ξανά κι ανεβοκατεβαίνεις.
όλα θα ήταν διαφορετικά
αν τότε είχες θυμηθεί να πάρεις το κλειδί.
πού να το είχες παραχώσει αλήθεια;
ανεβοκατεβαίνοντας θυμάσαι τελικά
ότι ποτέ κανείς δε σου 'δωσε κλειδί.
αφήνεις απ' τα χέρια τις σακούλες.
είσαι αθώος.
βγαίνεις ξανά στον έκτο. δε χτυπάς.
μπαίνεις απλώς στο σπίτι σου. έχεις πεινάσει.
το βραδινό τραπέζι είναι στρωμένο
ο νεκρός έφυγε από το σαλόνι
κι όλοι σε περιμένουν γελαστοί.
παίρνεις το πιάτο και πηγαίνεις μέσα.
τρως ολομόναχος
θρηνώντας τον σπαταλημένο χρόνο σιωπηλά.
πάντα έτρωγες σαν ξένος.

* * * 

je pense

I think therefore I am not,
Descartes noted in French
locked in his room for hours
detached from life for hours. Then
he wrapped up his paperwork and put the light out.
Gropingly approaching the window
he opened the shutter. Darkness again.
No longer able to see
he just hypothesized
that he was still alive
among the concentric semicircles
of the Amsterdam canals.
And after drifting, in the night,
their morning streams
he returned to his desk
lit the wick again
and from his notes abolished the word "not".

(transl. Nickolas Stathakis)


je pense

Σκέφτομαι άρα δεν υπάρχω
σημείωσε στα γαλλικά ο Descartes
κλεισμένος ώρες στο δωμάτιό του
αποκομμένος ώρες από τη ζωή. μετά
έκλεισε τα χαρτιά του κι έσβησε το φως.
φτάνοντας στο παράθυρο ψηλαφητά
άνοιξε το παντζούρι. σκοτάδι πάλι.
χωρίς να βλέπει πλέον
απλώς υπέθεσε
ότι ακόμα ζούσε
ανάμεσα στα ομόκεντρα ημικύκλια
των καναλιών του Άμστερνταμ.
κι αφού περιπλανήθηκε νυχτιάτικα
στα πρωινά νερά τους
πήγε ξανά προς το γραφείο του
άναψε το φιτίλι
κι απ' το χαρτί του έσβησε το δεν.

The Poet

Giannis Stoupas was born in Athens, Greece, in 1977. He studied Greek Philology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He currently lives in Kavala and works as a language and literature teacher. His first book of poetry, Nails Remain, was published in 2019.


Γεννήθηκε στην Αθήνα τo 1977. Σπούδασε Ελληνική Φιλολογία στο ΑΠΘ. Σήμερα ζει μόνιμα στην Καβάλα και εργάζεται ως φιλόλογος στη δημόσια εκπαίδευση. Η πρώτη του ποιητική συλλογή με τίτλο «Τα Καρφιά Μένουν» (2019) κυκλοφορεί από τις εκδόσεις Θράκα.

Penelope Zardoukα, Greece
Βραβεία Jean Moréas 2021 - Βραχείες λίστες


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