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Γιάννης Αλεξανδρόπουλος

PRESENTATIONGiannis Alexandropoulos was born in Patras in 1972. He studied Economics at the University of Patras. He worked as an accountant in the private sector in Athens and since 2000 lives permanently in Patras and works as a freelancer. He's ma...

Κωνσταντίνος Μπούρας

PRESENTATIONKonstantinos BOURAS was born in Kalamata, a town in the Peloponnese region of Greece, in 1962.   He has studied mechanical engineering at the National Metsovio Institute of Technology in Athens, and has been working in this fiel...

Νίκος Λάζαρης

PRESENTATIONNikos Lazaris was born in Piraeus, but grew up in likovrissi, where he still lives.He studied journalism and the cinematography.He worked as a journalist in Athenian newspapers and magazines and as a copywriter and creative director for l...

ΣΚΙΑ ΤΟΥ ΑΘΩ / All'ombra di Athos - Σωτήρης Παστάκας/Sotirios Pastakas - Traduzioni di Maria Allo

ΗΜΕΡΑ ΔΕΥΤΕΡΗ 18/12Κοράλι ψιλοκόραλο και ψιλοκοραλάκι˙οι πιο μεγάλες ιδέες γεννιούνταιαπ' τη σκληρότητα:ένα δέλτα φωτιάς, δίνες ρουφήχτρες.Ομίχλη σε αποσύνθεση υπόγεια σπήλαια,υγρό βασίλειο της μαρίδαςένα νόμισμα κάτω από την γλώσσαοι φλέβες έτοιμες ...

Yehuda Amichai "Ένα ποίημα για την ερωτική πράξη" - Μεταφραστική δοκιμή: Νίκος Λάζαρης

ΤΟ ΚΑΝΑΜΕΤο κάναμε μπροστά στον καθρέφτηΚαι στο φως. Το κάναμε στο σκοτάδι,Στο νερό, και στο ψηλό χορτάρι.Το κάναμε προς τιμήν τού ΑνθρώπουΠρος τιμήν τού κτήνους και προς τιμήν τού Θεού.Αλλά δεν ήθελαν να ξέρουν για εμάςΓιατί είχαν ήδη δει και άλλους...

Νικολέττα Κατσιδήμα Λάγιου

PRESENTATIONNicoletta Katsidima Lagiou was born in Patras.After graduating from the Department of Philology of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens she returned to her birthplace.She is currently working as a teacher.She has published a num...

«Κι εκείνες οι ολοζώντανες μού κλέβουν το οξυγόνο». Σύλβια Πλαθ, δύο ποιήματα. - Μετάφραση – Επίμετρο: Δέσποινα Πυρκεττή

«Κι εκείνες οι ολοζώντανες μού κλέβουν το οξυγόνο».Σύλβια Πλαθ, δύο ποιήματα.Μετάφραση – Επίμετρο: Δέσποινα ΠυρκεττήΤα ποιήματα «Τουλίπες»[i] και «Ο Νικ και το Κηροπήγιο» προέρχονται από τη δεύτερη ποιητική συλλογή της αμερικανίδας ποιήτριας Σύλβια Π...

Roberto García de Mesa

Roberto García de Mesa (Tenerife, Spain, 1973) is a poet, playwright, dramaturge, narrator, essayist, philologist, exhibition curator, stage director, visual artist and musician. He holds a licentiate in Law and a doctoral degree in Hispanic Philolog...

Δήμος Χλωπτσιούδης

PRESENTATION Dimos Chloptsioudis was born in 1973 and he lives in Thessaloniki. He is a language teacher and poet. He writes essays and poetry reviews, following new trends in Art. His critics, reviews and essays are hosted on web sites (tovivlio.net...

Κλεοπάτρα Λυμπέρη

PRESENTATIONCleopatra Lymperi (Chalkis, Greece) is a member of the Hellenic Authors Society and of the Poets' Circle. She writes poetry, prose, essays, book reviews and translates from English language. She studied Music (Greek Conservatory) and Pain...

Αντώνης Δ. Σκιαθάς

PRESENTATIONAntonis D. Skiathas was born in Athens in 1960 and nowadays he lives in Patra. He studied Chemical Engineering with postgraduate studies in Art Restoration. He is a poet, anthologist of poems and literary critic. Antonis Skiathas has publ...

Rifaat Salam

PRESENTATIONRifaat Salam has 10 books of poetry, 5 books in criticism, 20 books of poetry translation, Rifaat Salam was born in Menyet Shebin, a small village 40 kilometers east of Cairo, in 1951. He studied Journalism in Cairo Un...

Γιώργος Χριστοδουλίδης

PRESENTATIONBorn in Moscow in 1968, raised in Larnaka, Cyprus. Holder of an MA in Journalism (Lomonosov University, Moscow). He works as a journalist in Nicosia. His debut work Enia: Ateleia, Nicosia, 1996 was awarded the State Prize for young writer...

Αγγελική Πεχλιβάνη

 PRESENTATION=Angeliki Pechlivani born in Piraeus in 1965 studied history-archaeology as well as contemporary Greek literature in the Cretan University of Rethymno. She has been awarded a post-graduate degree in "creative writing" from the unive...

Σπύρος Αραβανής

PRESENTATIONSpyros Aravanis was born in 1979 in Piraeus. He read philology, specializing in Intercultural Education (post doc).He works as a Professor (EAP, University of Peloponnese). Is Editor of the Poetic Art Review "Poiein", www.poiein.gr, and H...

Γιώργος Ρούσκας

PRESENTATIONCurriculum VitaeGeorge Rouskas was born in Attica. A graduate of the Varvakeios Model School, he studied Civil Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens. He has conducted two personal exhibitions of painting and a persona...

Δημήτρης Κοσμόπουλος

PRESENTATIONDimitris Kosmopoulos is poet, essayist and translator. He was born in 1964 in Kontogoni (Papaflessa) in the region of Pylia, in Messinia. He grew up in Kalamata. He has published nine books of poetry and three books of essays and has long...

Βασίλης Ρούβαλης

PRESENTATION Vassilis Rouvalis, born in Athens (1969) with studies at Byzantine Literature (University of Crete) and Creative Writing (PhD candidate, University of Western Macedonia). His work includes titles in the fields of poetry, short stori...

Ηλίας Κεφάλας

PRESENTATIONIlias Kefalas was born in 1951 in Meligos, a small village near the city of Trikala, in the area of Thessaly, in Greece. He studied Science Policy in Athens and worked as an employee in public services. 33 books have been published in tot...


PRESENTATIONStavros Zafiriou is a Greek poet, born in 1958 in Thessaloniki. He is the author of fourteen poetry collections and of four children's books. He has also published critical essays and book reviews in Greek literary magazines and journals....

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3ο ΔΙΕΘΝΕΣ ΦΕΣΤΙΒΑΛ ΠΟΙΗΣΗΣ ΠΑΤΡΑΣ - Patras World Poetry Festival 2020


19 -22 Νοεμβρίου 2020 - Online  Event

Το 3o Διεθνές Φεστιβάλ Ποίησης Πάτρας θα πραγματοποιηθεί στις 19 -22 Νοέμβριου 2020 ζωντανά από το διαδίκτυο, έχει τίτλο θεματικό τίτλο «National Poets» (Εθνικοί Ποιητές) και σχεδιάζει να φιλοξενήσει 50 ποιητές και ποιήτριες από 15 διαφορετικές χώρες του κόσμου. Παράλληλα θα φιλοξενήσει στο πρόγραμμα του  τα «Βραβεία Ποίησης Jan Moreas 2019», καθώς οι εξελίξεις της επικαιρότητας μετέβαλλαν σημαντικά τις συνθήκες υλοποίησης των πολιτιστικών  εκδηλώσεων.

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